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tv   Action News 6PM  ABC  August 15, 2017 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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philadelphia city vehicles on fire. this is newly released surveillance video of a possible suspect that doused a number of cars in the basement garage in the 12th district building a week ago today. there is now $15,000 in reward money for the person that provides information leading to an arrest and conviction. christie aleto is live at northwest detectives. christie what the latest here. >> police say that the garage at the time is having issues locking as the man goes in doing what he did. the cameras caught the man going into the facet six times in one hour and the real mystery is who is he and why did he do it? issues with the locking mechanism there. they caught the suspected
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arsonist entering the garage. seconds later he exists going down the road and returning with a baby stroller with a white cape around his body he is seen eight times entering the facility. >> he takes liquids he dumps along the floor and taking a sheet and tries to ignite that. fortunately an employee working overnight smelled the liquid and notified the authorities stopping the lawlessness that could have ended much worse. >> for a lawless coward out there trying to take the lives of our firefighters and law enforcement officers we need to get that individual off the street now. >> reporter: now police believe that this man lives in the area and is known to residents.
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if you know the man you are asked to contact authorities. channel 6 "action news." thank you. now an update to a deadly hit and run in center city philadelphia. sources are telling "action news" that the jeep wanted in the crime was found in collingdale this afternoon. "action news" was there as philadelphia police arrived to secure the evidence. police believe this is the jeep involved in the hit and run that killed a woman as she crossed ray street august 6th. investigators continue to search for this man a person of interest in this case. the 1300 block of linden street in allentown was the scene of a horrific crime monday morning a father being murdered in plain sight of his daughter. now the search goes on for three suspects. walter perez is live at the scene tonight. >> reporter: jim, so far one person is arrested but as you mentioned.
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three remain on the loose all while loved ones grief the death of a loving father. >> he didn't deserve that. he didn't. >> yenny curtis is talking about the murder of her boyfriend. jermaine taylor killed in front of his 8-year-old daughter. >> he was heart warming and caring and giving. -- >> the whole thing unfolded monday morning when four people burst their way into his linden apartment. those witnesses heard them say show me the money before the gun fire erupted and a short time later they found his daughter sobbing over his daughter's body. he described taylor as a doting father that would do anything for his little girl. >> i want everybody to send their prayers, covering her
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heart to heal here soul and her mind. for all that she has been through. >> two different guns were recovered from the scene and one of the bullets hit one of the intruders. because the blood trail led to isaac navarro he is arrested and charged with homicide and robbery. and the three other suspects remain on the loose. meantime taylor's loved one are honoring the man dedicated to improving himself and a better life for his daughter. >> this was a good man, and good father. >> we are told that the 8-year-old is now with her mother in scranton, pennsylvania. the remaining suspects are described as two young men and a heavy set woman. reporting live from allentown, walter perez, channel 6 "action news." >> thank you. the owner of a south philadelphia day care accused of child sex abuse arrived in court
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this morning before the judge postponed the preliminary hearing. duncan round maintains his innocence and his attorney says he passed a polygraph test last. prosecutors say he sexually molested two 5-year-old children. a second defense attorney wants off the bill cosby case before the retrial in november. angela agrossa filed a motion to withdrawal. he has until september 11th to hire new lawyers. a montgomery county judge was set to consider the withdrawal by attorney brian mcmongal. the first trial ended with a deadlocked jury in june. he is charged with molesting
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andrea constand. and philadelphia and the police union reached a three year contract agreement. under the deal they increase pension contributions and officers get raised over the contract term and keep their benefit plan. police operations will be changed to control overtime costs and new officers still live in the city for the first five years of their employment. dozens of reads will have to find new places to live in the wake of a raid this morning by agents from the prosecutors office. "action news" reporter john rawlins has that story. >> an estimated 20 to 40 residents of the bay view inn and suites were told they have to leave and city code enforcement officers were told to find temporary shelter tonight after condemning the property. happening in the wake of a 4:00 a.m. raid. the no knock raid results in
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damage to the doors here. none of the residents want to talk on camera. off camera, a resident told us the days were numbered before the raid because of water supply issues it was due to close august 31st. there were several dogs and a two and a half to three foot alligator found in the bay views swimming pool. the little gator taken to the cape may county zoo. >> he looks pretty good. he is pretty calm when you grab him. he has obviously been handled quite a bit season his body weight seems good and will eat pretty well because we spoil them. >> the gator's owner put him in the pool a month ago and then the owner left town and residents would occasionally throw food to the gator and the zoo does not plan to keep the little guy but take him to a sanctuary in florida. in atlantic city, channel 6
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"action news." and also from our new jersey newsroom. the controversial dunes project resumed today in margate. crews were busy dredging and filling the beach. the federal judge gave the okay last week for the army corps of engineers to continue their work. residents are fighting the project after heavy rain left a giant pond of standing water at beach front homes, a delaware couple witnessed the governor today signed a will you law named after their son. governor john carnie signed lorenzo's law. on july 3rd. 2016 their son was stillborn and they received a still birth certificate. now families in the same situation will be able to get a certificate of birth result in still birth. coming up on "action news" tonight, the band plays on student members of the newark
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marching band are taking matters in their own hand and overcoming adversity. and what a difference a year makes carson wentz and their teammates speak out about the progress in the last year. a lot of showers are moving out and double scan live radar showing downpours in parts of south jersey and we dry out tomorrow and later in the week it gets stormy again. i'll explain in the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast. >> those stories and more when "action news" continues tonight.
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word came today that the physical marathon teemed up with
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the association for cancer reef search which the executive director hopes the partnership will be the biggest race in the country to help find new treatments. mar kenney held it at independence hall. the philadelphia marathon, the weekend begins november 17th. new at 6:00 tonight if part of school is learning to overcome adversity than dozens of students are getting an education, "action news" video ago fer. that she put together this report. >> i'm carol an, the drum major of the marching band. >> i'm cathy. the other codrum major of the marching band. >> it started when the school had to cut money because of the state.
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>> pretty much we don't have a director. >> the students here at newark high school are without a band director to lead them and they put together their own band practice. >> the student led band practice so they could continue to try to start the whole band season themselves. >> i think what they are doing is absolutely positive and outstanding and needs to be celebrated. >> so starting with us and the section leaders in the group chat texting saying we should get something together. >> we need to figure out a week to get together every day and crank out our drill and len our song and figure everything out. >> that came from the drum majors that said we are doing it. they were like we are going to create a band camp and do what we can. >> you know what, we need 100% enthusiasm from you guys.
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>> the amount of enthusiasm and cooperation from every single member of the band. >> i don't think think will make it i know they will make it. they will be on the field for the first game and put on a killer show. i promise you they will make it. >> yes, they are. and we'll follow them. as they begin the new year. they are called philadelphia future scalors and 180 of them gathered in philadelphia today. they attended the annual college kickoff at the wells fargo center, a chance for freshman to meet upper class man.
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everything i read carson wentz is having a good camp. >> he looked good the preseason camp and everybody is raying about him. we are 26 days away from the games counting for real. everything this year hinges on
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how much carson as grown and jaime apody looks at his develop from year one to year two. >> long way. >> what a difference a year makes last season at this time carson wentz was an injured third string quarterback. never dreaming how the season would play out. >> i'm healthy and everything and the difference a year makes it pretty kris crazy. he was four for four in his play against green bay. >> i have seen him make strides in leaps and bounds, he knows what to expect now. last year he was thrown into the fire the last minute. >> what was eight days last year to prepare as a starter. you see the confidence in him. not cocky but a franchise guy now and that is the way we treat him.
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>> wentz will play the way he did last week the first series or two. he can't wait to get out for preseason action. >> expect them to be loud. the preseason game. you don't know what to expect but this is philly and they are hungry for it. and carson wentz is ready for anything. >> sticking with the eagles, this move came as no surprise, ryan matthews was released today. the running back was just cleared to return from his neck injury that is all the birds were waiting for and matthews joined the team, and rushed for 1200 yards and scored 16 touch downs and the move gives the eagles salary cap relief. and not so fast. the player association is appealing ezekiel elliot's ten game suspension into an alleged domestic assault into his former girlfriend.
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the hearing will be held in ten days and will be heard from roger goodell or an arbitrator. mark lighter jr. gets the start tonight in san diego. last night they lost to the product rays, but reece hoskins will not forget that game after getting the first major league hit. he smacks his first major league home one in the fourth inning, his family came in from sacramento were ecstatic. and there is more. hoskins hits another solo homer in the seventh inning. he has three hits in his young career and two of them are long balls and the phillies lost the game 7-4. he has a good swing. >> no doubt about it home runs. >> 400 feet plus. a veteran from south jersey is giving back to the community.
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hosting a camp in depford this week. called live like jt. he is encouraging the kids to advocate for positive changes in the world.
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it has been a wet day or wettish day. >> tomorrow is sunny and warm. big turn around with the weather which i think a lot of people will appreciate. sky 6 hd capturing the flavor of the evening low clouds fog developing. and we still have a misting out there. double scan live radar showing that the bulk of the rain has left philadelphia and we still
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have heavy downpours across south jersey. the accuweather highlights the rain is moving out tonight. but with light winds and a lot of low level moisture, patchy fog will develop tomorrow though the fine is back as well as the heat. temperatures up to around 90 degrees, if you look at this, the chance of rain, a lot of people are tired of the rain, tomorrow the chance drops down to zero and we do increase as we increase towards friday. friday likely a stormy day late and the chance of rain decreases as we head through the weekend. double scan live radar showing we have some showers out there. again, most of it has left the philadelphia region and if you look across south jersey we have this area of heavy downpours in parts of cumberland county and they are getting hit hard north of morristown and millville. and we do have a flood advisory posted there until 10:00 and we flip this over and show you how much rain has fallen and see
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this area, more than 3 inches of rain and this is why we have the flood advisory, like i say, turn around don't drown and don't drive through floods roads, with the clouds and rain temperatures held in the 70s. the high 78 degrees and 77 in philadelphia and the same in allentown and reading and 76 and look at the dew points, this is why it looks and feels oppressive out there. dew points close to the temperatures generally in the 70s. dew points don't get much higher than the mid-70s for this region almost feels like new orleans. dew points drop tomorrow bang into the 60s but the temperature is back up. satellite 6 along with action radar showing the plume of moisture continuing to push to the east and look across western pennsylvania you see clearing skies and that will happen overnight tonight. and again with the ground level moisture and light winds we will see dense fog developing and
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could cause problems for the morning commute. warm and muggy 64 degrees in the suburbs for center city. future tracker 6 showing you wake up with clouds in new jersey and delaware but look at what happens in the afternoon, high pressure is building in and the sunshine is back with a few patchy clouds and it gets hot with a high of 90 degrees, dew points in the 60s and not as humid as today. and as we head into thursday a warm front is getting closer taos. what this will do is bring us more clouds nast into and and 86 degrees and a possible of late day thunderstorms but a better chance of thunderstorms developing late on friday and friday night as the cold front slips through and that brings us heavy downpours. in the meantime hurricane gert continues to strengthen off the coast with maximum wins of 75 miles per hour. the problem though is large swells will be across the jersey shore anywhere from north
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carolina to long island many down the shore tomorrow. moderate risk of rip currents, ocean city 84 and bethany beach is 85. the exclusive accuweather forecast sunny and hot tomorrow rain free and high of 90 degrees. thursday, a few spotty afternoon thunderstorms and 86 degrees and friday it's steamy and 87 degrees and feels like 95 with dew points in the mid-70s and late day and evening thunderstorms and saturday a chance of a pop-up thunderstorm and rain free and warm and 88 degrees and sunday 88 and monday partly sunny skies for the eclipse. pretty good viewing conditions and warm and 89 degrees and bump it up to 90 degrees on tuesday. with the return of humidity. tomorrow the nine is back 90 getting rid of the rain tonight. some budding basketball stars will wrap up a month long program this week, this is the
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sixth year for the basketball academy. the program is run by kevin haines a sickleerville native who plays professional basketball overseas. it aims to develop basketball skills and promote the principals of team work and sportsmanship. abc world news tonight with david muir is next on channel 6. "action news" continues at 10:00 on phl 17 with dan ryan taff, sharrie williams, adam joseph and ducis rogers. and join us for "action news" at 11:00 here on channel 6. for cecily tynan, ducis rogers and it's entire "action news" team i'm jim gardner we hope you'll join us for "action news" at 11:00.
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tonight, breaking news as we come on the air. president trump doubling down, defending his response to charlottesville, waiting 48 hours before condemning racism, the kkk and white supremacists and tonight now saying there is blame on both sides. >> i think there's blame on both sides. you look at -- you look at both sides, i think there's blame on both sides. and i have no doubt about it. >> the president standing firm saying both sides should take responsibility. also tonight, the growing storm threat. the hurricane off the east coast. the track coming in and how it will affect the coastline. the horrific discovery today. the invisible danger. a father finding his entire family overcome by carbon monoxide. several rushed to the hospital, including first responders. the young mother struck by a


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